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Elisabeth Schaefer

Elisabeth began playing clarinet in 4th grade and throughout high school in marching band and concert band in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The clarinet came out of its case 15 years later for a brief stint with the Chester County Concert Band and with it the inspiration to keep playing music.

Fast forward to Chattanooga, where Elisabeth has performed in the Chattanooga Clarinet Choir, Metro Community Band, Signal Mountain Playhouse pit orchestra, and the Chattanooga State College Symphonic Band. In addition to clarinet, she also plays bass clarinet and flute.

Elisabeth has a BA in German and an MBA, and is retired from the automotive giant VW. She is currently a St Johns County substitute teacher. Her passions (next to music) are air-cooled VWs, and racing.
Retiring to St Augustine in 2021 is more than long beach walks! It includes continuing private lessons, staying current with the clarinet community through ICA membership (since 2014), and playing in the Saint Augustine Concert Band. It is a particular honor to be elected to the Board of Directors of such a high- performing organization.

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